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Dan Gibson – Arborist Services provides professional and objective evaluation and care of trees for residential, commercial, municipal and community clients. I have been a professional arborist for the last 16 years and have over 32 years experience working with trees and landscapes. I owned and operated Redwoods to Roses Tree Service for over 10 years. Currently, I offer consultation, tree risk assessment, report writing, pruning smaller trees, training young trees for proper future structural growth and subcontracting large tree pruning and removal. All of my recommendations are drawn from comprehensive scientific research and considerable experience, with my goal being satisfied clients and safe, healthy, beautiful trees.

ISA Certified Arborist    WE-1292A

As an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist, I am committed to helping commercial developers, real estate developers, landscape architects, new home buyers, contractors, engineers, insurance companies, attorneys, municipal agencies and residential clients throughout the north valley of California to make educated and informed decisions about the health and safety of their trees and landscapes.

Call 530-864-5001

My local office is in Chico, CA. My services help to enhance the community as well as support the environment. I believe that in preserving a safe and healthy tree canopy, by properly caring for trees and other plant life, not only do we retain the natural beauty of our surroundings but we also improve the quality of our living.

As part of the ISA professional community, I maintain an uncompromising ethical and professional code. My company provides assistance that you can truly count on for your tree risk assessment and preservation requirements. I provide services of the highest standards, using only the latest, most technologically advanced tools. I am dedicated to implementing and maintaining the highest level of tree care possible.

Discover the distinct advantage of trusting a company who has your satisfaction and the health and safety of your trees as the measure of our success.